Physical exercises to increase potency in men

Physical exercises to increase potency consist in pumping the pubic-sacral muscle. It is she who is responsible for the erection of men. Why is physical exercise so popular in recent years? It’s just that they are able to help in the early stages of most problems with potency without additional use of medications.

Benefits of physical activity

Healthy potency is a very important aspect in every man’s life. After all, confidence in bed is one of the ways to raise self-esteem, improve psychological state and success. With age, potency may decrease. Stress, violation of the daily routine, improper diet and frequent overwork also negatively affect it. The state of the environment also wants the best. More information about improving potency and strengthening erection can be found on the website about men’s health ahealthyman.comHealthyMan

How do exercises work to strengthen male potency:

Any exercises to feel their effect should be performed regularly. The first improvements can be seen no earlier than in a month. This is of course a disadvantage of the method of increasing potency, but the effect will last longer than after medication. After all, in this way the general state of health improves, which allows you to prolong sexual intercourse and improve its quality.

Symptoms of impaired potency

The deterioration of potency is a rather delicate topic, which is talked about without much enthusiasm, or even generally silent, closing in on themselves. It should be understood that a young and healthy man does not always succeed. But when the problem repeats itself again and again, you should not wait until everything goes away by itself. You should immediately consult a doctor who, to begin with, will advise which physical exercises for potency can be used.

Sometimes it also happens that a loved one is nearby, and the situation is pushing, but there is no interest in sex. If there are no concomitant diseases, then it’s time to train.

One of the bells that make it clear to a man that there is a problem lurking somewhere is the lack of spontaneous erection in the morning.

Another signal of a violation of potency is the insufficient hardness of the penis during sexual intercourse. Sometimes the erection is so weak that it is impossible to perform sexual intercourse.

In all these cases, you should immediately take care of your health and the general condition of the body. If there are bad habits, it is better to get rid of them. Pay attention to nutrition and daily routine. The mood also plays an important role. It is important to tune in to the positive and reconsider your views on life.

Possible causes of erectile dysfunction:

  • Fatness.
  • Diabetes mellitus.
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Health problems.
  • Bad habits.
  • Stress and nervous overstrain.
  • Sedentary lifestyle and sedentary work.
  • Improper nutrition.
  • Overwork.

In order for the loads on the body to help better, negative factors that affect potency should also be excluded.

Stretching on all fours

This exercise can be called miraculous. To perform it, you should get on all fours. It is necessary to monitor the presence of a right angle between the torso and hips, straight elbows with hands and feet stretched along the floor.

The man takes a smooth breath, and on exhalation, bending in the back, lowers his hips on his heels. The hands continue to be smooth, lie with the palms on the floor, there is a feeling of stretching of each vertebra. In this position, you should fix the trunk and try to relax the muscles as much as possible. Then you need to return to the starting position. Repeat the movement. You can start with 2-3 repetitions and eventually increase to 10.

Important! All movements are performed smoothly, without tearing. Inhale and exhale light and long. Eliminate breath retention.

The effect of the exercise

It helps to activate blood circulation in the pelvic organs, get rid of any stagnant processes. It is especially important to perform such an exercise for men who lead a sedentary lifestyle (work in the office, frequent and long trips by car). Such a warm-up helps to relax after a hard day’s work, performs a light massage of internal organs. It should be performed daily.

Muscle control

An important role for potency is played by the condition of the muscle located between the pubis and the sacrum. To pump it up, there are some tips.

Option 1. Stand up straight and lower your arms relaxed. The back is straight, the eyes look forward. A man needs to take a normal breath, and on exhalation squeeze the muscles of the anus and fix them for a few seconds. While inhaling, you can relax your muscles and repeat the exercise after breathing is restored.

Important! During the exercise, the feet should not be lifted off the floor. Inhale and exhale should be smooth without jerks. It is recommended to strain only the muscles of the anus, without involving the glutes. Not many people get it the first time, but over time it will be much easier.

Option 2. Stand up straight, lower your arms or position them at the waist, whichever is more convenient. It should be imagined that a stone is clamped between the buttocks and in no case can it be released. “Clamped the stone” (strained the muscles of the anus), bent the knees without lifting the feet, fixed the trunk in this position for a few seconds, returned to the starting position.

Warm-up effect

Trains the muscles of the perineum and pelvis, which are responsible for erection, naturally massages the prostate gland and intimate muscles, and the muscles of the anus. Also, the warm-up helps to get rid of excessive tension, improves tone and mood.

Special squats to activate the perineum

The perineum contains tendons, muscles and fascia. Physical exercises to increase potency in men are aimed to a large extent at training this area, which directly affects the erection.

To perform the exercise, you need to put your feet a little wider than shoulder width. The arms are lowered along the body, the gaze is directed forward.

The course of the exercise: you should take a normal breath, and on exhalation sit down as much as possible, without causing discomfort or pain. In this position, you need to tilt your torso forward, and put your hands between your legs back. Fix this position for a few seconds, after which, on inspiration, you can lift to the starting position. After restoring breathing, the exercise should be repeated several more times.

Important! During the exercise, you should monitor your breathing, you should not hold or greedily grab air. All movements should be conscious, smooth and comfortable. When lowering the trunk, the air seems to be squeezed out of the lungs. It is not recommended to put the feet in parallel, they should look to the sides.

Attention should be fixed on the muscles of the perineum. Then the effect of such physical exertion will be higher.

Benefits for the body

When performing this load, the perineal muscles are stimulated: they then stretch, then contract. The exercise tones up this area, and also trains the lower part of the body. What could be more beautiful than a fit and healthy man?

Exercise “Pendulum”

Put your feet two feet wider than shoulder width apart. Sit down so that the pelvis is approximately at the height of the knees and lock in this position for a few seconds. Next, you should perform pelvic movements: on the exhale – forward, on the inhale – backward.

The exercise can be performed at different speeds, then accelerating, then slowing down the movements. Repeat the exercise 10 times. If you can’t keep your balance well, you can use some kind of support.

Important! Only the pelvis moves, the torso remains motionless. If you feel tension in your legs, you should stop and take a break.

The benefits of exercise

The energy of the pelvic organs is activated, blood circulation improves. Static load helps to strengthen the muscles of the back and hips, leg joints, as well as restore potency.

Exercise “Reed”

All physical exercises to improve potency in men are recommended to be performed on a flat surface (it is possible on the floor). You need to lie on your back, place your hands behind your head, taking the brushes “in lock” under the back of your head. Breathing is light, not burdened by anything.

To raise the right leg on exhalation so that it is perpendicular to the trunk, it is important to associate it with a reed in your thoughts. It should be smooth, but light. Next, you need to draw 2-3 circles with a limb, first clockwise, then counterclockwise. After a cycle with one leg, you should calm your breathing and repeat with the second.

Important! Special attention should be paid to the working leg. It should be as smooth as possible and not fall on its side.

The exercise trains and tones the pelvic floor muscles, after systematic training, there is an improvement in blood circulation. The abdominal muscles are also stimulated, which helps to improve digestion.


The exercise is performed lying on your back. Legs bent at the knees should be pulled up to the buttocks as much as possible. Place your hands on your knees and take a deep breath. On exhalation, you need to put pressure on your knees, spreading them apart, in turn, with bent joints, resistance should be produced. Repeat 3-4 times.

Important! You should breathe in sync with your movements. Do not hold your breath. All movements are smooth, without jerks.

If there is a question about what exercises increase potency in men, then it’s time to seriously take up your health and not only intimate.

The load helps to normalize the muscles of the pelvic floor, the inner surface of the thighs. With the help of such exercises, there is a natural massage of the prostate gland.


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