Get Your Skin Winter Ready

As each season comes and goes, prepping your skin for the weather can save you from scrambling for a way to help your dried-out skin and chapped lips. If you are not prepared, the changes to your skin can make for a long winter. We have prepared the following information and tips to prepare you for the upcoming colder weather.

How Cold Weather Affects Your Skin

The cold temperature and low humidity results in dry air leaving your skin without moisture. Since the temperatures are so cold, most people have their heat on which can take even more moisture out of your skin. Those with eczema or psoriasis may notice their symptoms are exacerbated by the cold weather. These tips and tricks on how to get your skin ready for the cold can help you avoid severe effects from the cold weather.

5 Tips to Cold Weather-Proof Your Skin

1. Revamp your skin-care regimen.

Your basic skin-care routine should get an overhaul when the temperature outside starts to drop. Use a body wash instead of bar soap, which can often be too harsh; pat, don’t rub, yourself dry; and apply a moisturizer liberally when the skin is still moist. Research what brands you are using, not all products are created equally. We are happy to make recommendations.

2. Avoid long, hot showers.

They can feel great after a cold day but can strip your skin of important oils, leaving it even drier.

3. Protect your lips.

An area of the body that is often forgotten about is the lips, but it’s one of the most important areas to worry about as cold weather hits. Preparing your lips for the cold weather is as easy as applying a lubricating lip balm daily, both before the cold weather arrives and during the cold weather season. If you are not hydrating your lips, they can become dry and chapped.

4. Use a humidifier.

Even the inside air can dry your skin and make it uncomfortably itchy and patchy. A humidifier will infuse the air in your home with moisture and help hydrate your skin.

5. Hydrate from within.

Drinking lots of water is good for your overall health because it aids digestion and circulation, but it also helps pump moisture back into your skin and lips. Because the skin is an organ, it’s made up of cells, which are made up of water. It only makes sense that you need water for your skin to serve you well.

Dry skin and chapped lips can make for an uncomfortable winter which is why preparation is key as we head into cold weather. The skin professionals at Laguna Med Spa are here to guide you as you prepare your skin for the winter. If you are in Parker, CO, or surrounding Denver metro areas, get in touch with us and schedule a skin consultation.

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