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Scalp Micropigmentation treatment is taking the hair loss treatment industry by storm, and there is good reason for that. Scalp Micropigmentation, (SMP) is a permanent solution for men and women with hair loss, that can be quite bothersome. This treatment is changing people’s lives daily.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation? Scalp Micropigmentation is a hair loss treatment that is pretty simple and straight forward. This is a specialized & customized tattoo for the scalp. It is performed on men or women with balding or thinning hair. The technician will tattoo many tiny dots on the scalp. This will accomplish two different goals, depending on if the client has thinning hair or is suffering from a receding hairline or is completely bald. SMP treatment is typically done in 3-4 sessions. The technician is creating more density with each session. This helps create the most realistic look. THIS TREATMENT SHOULD NEVER BE DONE IN ONE SESSION!

Who is a good candidate for Scalp Micropigmentation? A client who suffers from thinning hair, this treatment will mask the underlying scalp to give the effect of thicker hair. In the case of a man with a receding hairline or who is balding, the client will need to buzz his hair short. These tiny dots are placed on the scalp methodically to camouflage the scalp and replicate hair follicles. When done well, this creates a very natural look.

Is Scalp Micropigmentation permanent? Yes, Scalp Micropigmentation is permanent. It is a permanent cosmetic procedure, much like permanent makeup. With that being said, it does require color boosts touch-ups every few years to keep the color looking it’s best.

If it’s Permanent, why are touch-ups necessary? Consider how much sun exposure and UV rays the scalp gets. Just like anything with pigment, over time it fades, and sun exposure is the biggest contributing factor to fading. Wearing sunscreen daily will help prevent premature fading. It’s always recommended to wear sunscreen and a hat if you plan to be out in the sun for long periods of time. Another reason some clients get touch-ups is they want to change up their hairline or even your side profile. No matter why you choose to do your touchups, just know this is totally normal and expected with this treatment.

Who performs Scalp Micropigmentation? Scalp Micropigmentation is performed by a trained SMP artist who has specialized training to work in SMP specifically. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! The needles used for SMP are smaller and the ink used is deposited very shallow instead of deeply, like a traditional tattoo. Untrained artists can create very big problems with very unnatural results.

What do I do after each treatment? After your procedure is performed should not get your head wet for a minimum of 5-7 days. Also, NO exercise or sweating. You can moisturize the scalp with an approved moisturizer. Once you’re able to wash your hair, it needs to be done very gently. Keep in mind that this procedure is done with needles, which essentially is an open wound immediately after and are susceptible to infection, so take really good care of your SMP treatment. As the wound starts to heal it will lightly scab up and its critical you do NOT pick them. Picking can cause infection and damage your SMP treatment.

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~ Crystal Harmon

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