Scalp Micropigmentation

Why get artificial hair extensions when you can get Scalp Micropigmentation? If you are bald, regardless of any reason, this might be the best and most favorable option you might get. Take it, or leave it!

Caring for your crowning glory, even when it seems to be lost, has never been this creative, but for a unique and specific purpose, it is here, available for those who want to stay what they are, even as they go past their prime.

If you haven’t heard, this rising star has been one of the most relevant talks of the town for its unique and fool-proof wonders. Are you interested enough? Let’s find out the scoop about Scalp Micropigmentation!

Drawing the confidence back

Losing hair may be one of the most embarrassing factors considered a concern for beauty and outward health outlook. Usually, those with hair loss are often regarded as old and unconventional for the unlikeliness of their carriage. 

But what hope does scalp micropigmentation hold for those who have been unconfident for a long time?

  1. Scalp Micropigmentation gives patients a natural-looking scalp
  2. Scalp Micropigmentation goes beyond tattoo – the cosmetic pigment used is smaller and more realistic as for hair color and texture
  3. Scalp Micropigmentation can restore receded hairline

The Real Deal about Scalp Micropigmentation

At age 35, men generally start to experience noticeable hair loss. There are loads of solutions marketed for men to have renewed hopes for regrowing their hair. Hair solutions such as masks, medicines, oils, and even organic solutions are available. There is still not a feasible and one-size-fits-all cure for hair loss, not to mention further hair growth or hair loss problem at hand. 

But one day came the Scalp Micropigmentation. 

What is it, you ask? Scalp Micropigmentation is a non-invasive aesthetic procedure that utilizes microneedles to install pigment into the scalp. It creates a visible appearance of tiny hair follicles, making your scalp look darker, or your hair look thicker. 

You might be awkward about undressing in public, but you need to start from your bare scalp to get what you need. For people with bald hair conditions, you got this! The process is not humiliating. When you shave through and through, they’ll mention all you need to know about your procedure. What you need to remember is that it does not hurt at all.

Deep into the Scalp Micropigmentation process

Aside from getting yourself acquainted with shaving your head, you need to proceed to your trustworthy aesthetic provider and have yourself be provided with the steps to be done. To target the parts where the ink will be pigmented, you may need to be drawn with a pen to ensure the hairline starts and ends.

Then, the tattoo process starts. It is more of a dotting process than a drawing process. Again, feeling hurt is not within the possibilities of scalp micropigmentation, so keep yourself relaxed while you get the grandest hair-do procedure ever.

Redness and itch might be felt during the procedure, but you need to sacrifice all odds to be beautiful, right? Carry on!

Like all aesthetic processes, scalp micropigmentation needs patience! You would not get an excellent result after the first treatment, so two weeks after your procedure, you need to come back for another round of scalp micropigmentation. That would give your scalp ample time to heal and yourself some time to observe the difference you have just experienced.

Are you a good candidate?

Is this effective for most hair conditions? Yes! Definitely. 

There are lots of hair conditions that scalp micropigmentation can give a solution to. Men and women alike can gain their lost confidence by undergoing scalp micropigmentation with the help of only the best Med Spa in town. Laguna Med Spa’s top-of-the-line medical aestheticians do not only cater to fix client’s aesthetic problems; we give tailored treatment depending on your unique need.

It is just as necessary to ensure that your med spa clinic understands your heart. Only then will the procedure be smooth and light. 

If you have one of these, you’re most likely the best candidate for scalp micropigmentation:

  • Cancer
  • Male Pattern Baldness (Partial & Extensive)
  • Male Hair Thinning
  • Female Hair Loss
  • Scars and Scalp Damage
  • Alopecia (all types)
  • Hair transplant combination

Laguna Med Spa’s scalp micropigmentation is a guaranteed restoration from nothing. If you’ve been longing to get rid of your borrowed hair fibers, ball caps, wigs, and all these extra steps, you are sure to end up with better confidence and a resurrected look.

After the deed

You might be as excited as we are now for wanting to see a better version of yourself! But before anything else, remember that you’re coming fresh from a skin procedure. After the treatment, it is best to do the following:

  • Avoid heavy exercises five days after your treatment – this is to avoid further skin breakage and overrun of oils coming from your open scalp pores.
  • Keep out being under the sun for 28 days after your treatment. Yes, burns can happen if you’re not careful. Remember to use sunscreens with SPF 30-50 to keep guard of your bare skin.
  • In between treatments, remember that moisturizing the treated area after four days should be a must. Most especially after your final treatment, you should moisturize from then on to avoid dryness.

Now, what? You’ve got all the essential knowledge you need to know in undergoing the scalp micropigmentation treatment. Again, we are giving you a caution for you to remember for discerning the best practitioner in town. 

He needs to have the following:

  • Certificate of Scalp Micropigmentation Training
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Certification
  • Health Permit
  • Clean and sterilized environment
  • Packaged Needles (that will be opened in front of the client)
  • Sink, sanitation rooms, and materials
  • Barrier protection (for the procedure, such as nitrile gloves, barrier tape)
  • Scalp Micropigmentation device

Laguna Med Spa has all a practitioner needs, and their quality procedure might exceed all your expectations. Aside from ensuring your safety and happiness, we want to give you the best version of yourself by believing in the powers of this new technology coupled with the practitioners’ expertise. 

To book in for a consultation, onsite visit, and meeting with the team personally, sign-up and wait for an email confirmation to ensure your schedule.

See you, and may your hopes for a new look be enriched by Laguna Med Spa’s help!

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