Most procedures will need a small touchup.
See Appointment & Cancellation policy for full details.

  • Eyebrows

    Eyebrow Options

    3D Microblade Eyebrow – This technique applies thin hair strokes to replicate a realistic and natural brow look – $750

    Ombre/Powdered Eyebrows: Giving ‘soft, powdery effect with all over color. Healed result is soft, powdery brow effect, with more structure and all over color: $750

    Mixed Eyebrow: This technique combines hair strokes with the powdered brow: $850

    Eyebrow touch ups

    $150 (within 30-60 days after initial procedure)
    $200 (within 2-4 months after initial procedure)
    $250 (within 4-6 months after initial procedure)
    $350 (within 6-9 months after initial procedure)
    $450 (within 9-12 months after initial procedure)

    *After 12 months touch up is considered a “color boost” and will be $100 off the current price of procedure price.

  • Lips

    Lip Options:

    Full lip color: $775

    Lip Touch Ups

    $150 (30-60 days after initial procedure)
    $200 (2-4 months after initial procedure)
    $250 (4-6 months after initial procedure)
    $350 (6-9 months after initial procedure)
    $450 (9-12 months after initial procedure)

    *After 12 months touch up is considered a “color boost” and will be $100 off the current price of procedure price.

  • Eyeliner


    Basic Eyeliner (Thin or Medium liner above lash line) Upper Only: $675
    *Add on lower – $775

    Lash Enhancement (thin liner or soft, smoky liner in the lash line) Upper Only: $650
    *Add on lower: $750

    Winged Eyeliner (thin) Upper Only: $600
    *add on lower: $700

    Winged Eyeliner (medium): Upper Only: $675
    *add on lower: $775

    Winged Eyeliner (thick): Upper Only: $800
    *add on lower: $900

    Eyeliner touch ups
    $150 (30-60 days after initial procedure)
    $200 (2-4 months after initial procedure)
    $250 (4-6 months after initial procedure)
    $350 (6-9 months after initial procedure)
    $450 (9-12 months after initial procedure)

    *after 12 months touch up is considered a “color boost” and will be $100 off the current price of winged eyeliner procedure.

  • 3-D Areola/Nipple Artistry

    Starts at $600 per areola

    Tattooing visually recreates the areola.

  • Permanent Makeup Lightening/Removal

    Starting at $200
    Lightening and/or removing unwanted pigment is a long process and patience is required. This is true whether you are choosing a lightening product/service(s) that Laguna Med Spa performs or laser. Please be patient and give the process a fair chance to work. Expect visible results in 3-6 sessions. How many sessions needed will depend on how saturated the pigment is, how deep it was implanted and how much needs to be removed for the desired result.



All permanent cosmetic procedures are suggested to have 2 procedures (initial procedure & a ‘fine tune’ touchup, ideally within 60 days of initial procedure) As well as maintenance touch-ups to keep permanent cosmetics looking their best.

Be prepared for the color intensity of your procedure to be significantly sharper, brighter, or darker than what is expected for the final outcome. It will take time for this transition, based upon how quickly the outer layer of your skin exfoliates.

Since delicate skin or sensitive areas may swell slightly or redden, some clients feel it best not to make any social plans for a day or two following any procedure. It is always best to avoid these procedures within a month prior to important life event. Procedures may take longer than expected to be complete.

  1. Any type of oil supplements i.e. fish oil, flaxseed oil etc. should be stopped for a minimum of 4 weeks prior to your procedure. If this a Dr. prescribed, please consult with your Dr. that it is okay for you to be off for this amount of time.
  2. Wear your normal makeup so Crystal can see how you normally apply it, the day of the procedure.
  3. Any tweezing or waxing should be done at least 48 hours prior to the procedure; electrolysis no less than 7 days before. Do not resume any method of hair removal for a minimum of two weeks.
  4. If using any type of lash or brow growth serum, (such a latiesse) should be stopped a minimum of 4 weeks prior to your procedure appointment with Crystal. THIS IS A MUST!
  5. Eyeliner clients who have watery eyes from allergies or any other reason, Crystal would recommend to take an antihistamine the day before and the day of the procedure to help prevent excessive watering during and after procedure. Excessive watering will have an effect on how well the client will retain pigment.
  6. If you are scheduled for an eyeliner procedure and you are wearing eyelash extensions, they’ll need to be removed a minimum of 24 hours prior to your eyeliner procedure.
  7. Any eyelash or eyebrow tinting or eyelash curling should be done no sooner than 48 hours before, or two weeks after the procedure.
  8. Do NOT wear contact lenses during or immediately following the eyeliner procedure. Remember to bring your glasses. You may resume wearing your contact lenses as soon as your eyes return to their pre-tattooed condition.
  9. Following the eyeliner procedures, as a safety precaution, we recommend that you have someone available to accompany you or drive you home.
  10. If you are having lip procedure, Crystal requires you get a prescribed cold sore/fever blister medication from your physician, even if you’ve never had a cold sore/fever blister in the past. You’ll need to take this for 1 week prior and 1 week post procedure.
  11. Refrain from the use of alcohol, salt/sodium, aspirin, aspirin-containing medications, ibuprofen, fish oil or other blood-thinning medications for 3-7 days prior to your procedure. These things listed above will make you bleed more during the procedure, therefore may result in poor pigment implantation and a more sever scab. No doctor prescribed medication should ever be discontinued without first consulting your physician.
  12. Refrain from judgment-altering drugs for at least 24 hours prior to any procedure.


Proper care following your procedure is important and required to achieve optimum results. After your procedure you WILL be swollen. Some client swell minimally and some will swell more. Everyone heals differently. This can cause the area(s) to appear un-even, red, itchy and irritated while healing. The area will also appear much darker and thicker than the final result. It’s not uncommon for the procedure area to shrink anywhere from 10%-40%. This typically happens with 3-30 days of the first procedure. There WILL be some shedding and/or peeling or scabbing of the skin with some remnants of the color in it as the treated area heals. DO NOT PICK! Some areas of the procedure may fade more than others and as the pigment oxidizes it will start to darken up again over 2-4 weeks. This is 100% normal and expected After the follow up visit, the body is used to the pigment and will retain much better and won’t fade as much as the initial procedure. All permanent makeup is suggested to have 2 procedures, as well as maintenance “color boosts” to keep the procedure looking its best. Your skin type and lifestyle will play a major roll on the final result.

  1. All eyebrow procedures: approx. 4 hours after brows are complete, take a small amount of either distilled water or boiled water that is cooled to room temperature. Get paper towel wet and squeeze out excess water. Blot gently (DO NOT RUB) on brow area with moist paper towel to remove any lymph or blood that may have oozed out of the procedure area.
  2. Keep your all eyebrow and eyeliner procedures area DRY during the healing process (14 days).
  3. During healing process DO NOT expose your new procedure to sun, chemicals, hot tubs, saunas, direct shower spray, hot water, salt water, steam, chlorinated pools, lakes or ponds.
  5. ABSOLUTELY NO SUN EXPOSURE or TANNING/TANNING BEDS during healing. Direct sun or sunbeds should be avoided indefinitely… Both are counter-productive to the cosmetic procedure.
  6. Absolutely NO pet grooming, gardening, dusting or anything that causes dust, dirt and dander for a minimum of 72 hours. Waiting 5 full days is best.
  7. NO Water activities, NO horseback riding, NO camping or riding ATIV’s etc.……
  8. Ointment: Only apply ointment or Grapeseed oil that Crystal has provided you or recommended you get. ONLY OMBRE/POWDER BROWS, LIPS, & AREOLAS will require an ointment or oil. All other procedures will be required to DRY HEAL. Some itching is normal. DO NOT PICK, PEEL, OR SCRATCH the treated area or your color may heal unevenly and you risk pulling out pigment, scarring and infection.
  9. No topical makeup on healing procedure(s) for a minimum of 7 days. You may apply makeup around the new procedure but avoid on healing areas. Topical makeup is bacterial and your new procedure(s) need adequate time to heal to avoid irritation and/or infection. After any eyeliner procedure, No mascara for 7 days post procedure. And after that 7 days, make sure you get a new tube of mascara. Do NOT use an eyelash curler for two weeks.
  10. After a lip procedure, keep your lips moist at all times with aquaphor. Drink through a straw for at least 3 days, avoid salty, spicy, oily foods or heat. If using herpes medication, continue as prescribed. Do not use teeth bleaching toothpastes or bleaching products until fully healed.
  11. No contact lenses for 5 full day for eyeliner clients.
  12. No facials, chemical peels or facial treatments for 3-4 weeks
  13. Lastly… relax! Don’t worry about a thing. It’s just a tattoo that will lighten, soften and heal in a matter of days. Do exactly as I have advised you to do OR what not to do and all heals well. Complications are extremely rare.


  1. Use a good sunscreen daily – even the lips require protection. Sun exposure will fade your permanent cosmetics and may cause irritation even years later.
  2. If you are planning chemical exfoliation, MRI, or other medical procedure, please inform your physician of your cosmetic tattoo.
  3. If you donate blood, it is a Red Cross policy that you must wait one year after any tattooing procedure in unregulated states – check if restrictions apply to you.


Dear Client,
Your time is very important to me and I appreciate that you equally respect mine. Below is our appointment policy.

    1. To reserve an appointment for a procedure(s), you are required to put a 50% deposit down in order to schedule your appointment(s) If you cancel within that 48 hour window of your scheduled appointment, your 50% deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. If you DO NOT show up to your scheduled appointment, your 50% deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. If you want to book for a future date after you’ve done a LATE CANCEL or a NO SHOW, you will be required to pay for your procedure(s) in FULL at the time of scheduling your appointment.
    2. There is a $50 cost for an in person consultation that is prior to your procedure day. The $50 deposit will be applied toward any procedure of choice. A 48 hour notice is required to reschedule a consultation appointment. If you fail to cancel/reschedule this appointment within this time frame, your credit card will be charged a NON-REFUNDABLE $50.00 consult fee for wasting that time slot and will NOT be applied toward your procedure. In order to book another consultation, you will be required to pre-pay $50.00 for the next consultation you schedule.
    3. Please do not bring children to appointment(s). This is a Safety/Health issue. No procedure will be performed when a child is present. If you show up with a child and I have to reschedule you and waste that appointment time slot you were scheduled for, you will be charge 50% of the cost of your procedure.
    4. After the consultation by phone or in person, you will be given the cost of the procedure you are scheduled for. You will also be given a copy of these appointment policies. It is your responsibility to read the paperwork in its entirety. All policies will be in effect immediately. Clients are never pressured to schedule a procedure. In fact, all procedures should be carefully considered before scheduling them.
    5. Pregnant or nursing women or anyone under the age of 18 will not be considered for tattooing. Please advise me now if any of these apply.
    6. The first visit of the procedure is the Saturation visit. The following visit is known as the “Focus or Fine Tune” visit. As the names imply, the Saturation visit accomplishes the basic design and color saturation, and the Focus visit addresses perfection by focusing on balance, symmetry and detail of the healed result.
    7. All same appointment policies go for any and all touch up / color boost appointments
    8. All color fades and your cosmetic tattoo will require maintenance.       The amount of fading depends on several variables including medications you are on and topical treatments, but is primarily due to sun (ultra-violet) exposure; therefore measures should be taken to protect your permanent cosmetics from the sun, tanning beds etc..
    9. We charge $50 no show fee to each appointment.


Please note: Most photos are taken immediately after the procedure, color will soften to desired result as healing occurs.