Summer skin care for dry climates

Dry climates like Colorado can cause real changes in your skin’s look and feel and require special skin care in the summer months.  Much required hydration sneaks out of the deeper layers of your skin, leaving you with dull, dry skin that looks scaley and is covered in small, fine lines.

This doesn’t have to be the case though!  There are a lot of tips and tricks to preserving your skin’s youth in dry climates.  Read on to discover the best summer skincare tips for dry climates:


Use a gentle cleanser regularly to remove dirt, dust, and pollutants from the exposed surface layer of your skin.  Harsh products like alpha hydroxy acids and glycolic acids also make skin much more sensitive to sun damage, another important skin care concern in dry climates.  Try to avoid regular use of products containing these chemicals.  If you do use them, remember to use a high-quality high SPF sunscreen daily to protect your skin from the effects of excess sun exposure.

Using a product that contains harsh cleansers like alcohol will rob your skin of precious moisture and cause early aging.


Immediately after cleansing, use a moisturizing serum to send moisture and nutrients to the deeper layers of your skin.  Replenishing your skin’s moisture with the application of essential fatty acids, and “feeding it” lots of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, is an important part of a skincare routine for a dry climate.  Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants promote skin cell turnover and can heal and repair damaged skin cells.

Follow serum application with a good cream-based moisturizer.  A moisturizer acts as a physical barrier between the deeper layers of your skin and the air, helping to seal in the moisture your skin received from the serum, leaving it to work on the deepest layers of your skin where new cells are born.

For best results, invest in a clinical grade skincare line like Image Skincare, a line carried in our spa.


When you’re in a dry climate, regular exfoliation is a definite must!  In dry climates you’re more likely to have dead, dried-out skin cells building up at the most superficial layers of your skin.  This is a naturally protective effort on your body’s part: the tough, dry outer skin cells form a relatively harder barrier that makes it more difficult for water to escape, and for dirt, dust, and even bacteria to enter.

But with a good summer skin care routine, your skin won’t need all those dull, dry skin cells for protection.  A professional treatment provided by HydraFacial , peels or dermaplaning can give your skin the extra boost it needs. Laguna Med Spa offers all of these services.

Exfoliating helps slough off those cells to reveal fresh, young skin underneath.  And as a bonus, exfoliated skin is much more able to soak in all of the beautiful products you’re using to keep it young and fresh!


Our lips need some love, too. The delicate skin of our lips is prone to drying out, sun damage, and other afflictions due to dry climate living.  Lips are even vulnerable to developing skin cancer; it really is that important to protect the skin of your lips as part of your desert climate skin care routine.

Using a product with an SPF is a great idea, especially for days you will spend a lot of time outside.


The sun in Colorado can be fierce, and strong ray brings an increased risk of sun damage.  Invest in a good high-SPF sunscreen; 45 or 50 spf and use daily.  If you’ll be spending most of the day outside, on a hike, a long walk, or just having an adventure, bring it with you and reapply throughout the day.  Also, don’t forget to apply to spots like the back of your neck, the tops of your ears, and other spots that get a ton of sun exposure but are often forgotten.

Protecting your skin from the sun is not only important for preventing early sun damage, but it also protects you from the very real danger of skin cancer.  Skin cancer is one of those cancers that can develop for a long time before it’s caught, so as with everything, the best treatment is prevention.

The skin professionals at Laguna Med Spa are here to provide as many summer skin care tips for dry climates as you need. If you are in Parker, CO, or surrounding Denver metro areas, contact us and schedule a skin consultation to get your skin summer ready!



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