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What is Microblading?

Microblading is the most non invasive option in permanent makeup which uses a hand tool with small needles to create individual hair strokes. resulting in incredibly natural looking brows. Each “hair” is etched into the skin one by one giving it the closest resemblance to natural hair in the brow.

Is it painful?

Everyone is different when it comes to pain tolerance and how they respond to the anesthetic, but the pain level for this procedure is considered mild to none. A topical anesthetic is used for the procedure to help with any pain and it is reapplied numerous times during the procedure as well. Women Please Note: if you come in at the time of your cycle, the pain may be more elevated.

Is it permanent?

Just like any other tattoo, the color will naturally fade over time. Lifestyle, skincare routines, and other factors have an effect on longer lasting brows. Microblading is the most natural permanent cosmetic option out there for eyebrows which means you will need to come in for touch ups to keep up the look and the depth of color. There is less pigment distributed under the surface of the skin so it will fade quicker, but if you are going for a natural look there is no better option than microblading.

How long does it take?

The initial appointment will last about 2 to 2.5 hours. This appointment you can expect a very in depth consultation with your technician that will include measuring your forehead, going over color options, as well as different possibilities for shape. This will take up the majority of the appointment time to ensure you are completly comfortable and getting exactly what you want. (After all it is your face, so lets do it right!)

Do I need a touch up ?

After the first appointment you will come back in for a touch up in 6 weeks. This appointment will go over how you did healing, and give you the oppurtunity to tweak anything you would like adjusted such as adding a little more color in certain areas, making the tail a litle longer, the arch a little bit more dramatic, etc. Think of the touch up appointment as the top coat of nail polish. It seals in that beautiful work and gives it long lasting results.

What is the healing process like?

The healing process for Microblading is around 10-14 days. It is incredibly important to keep your brows dry during this healing process and out of the sun indefinitely. Sun exposure will be the number one factor in the brows fading quicker and during the healing process it can actually change the final color.  When you leave immediately after having them done, they will be a little red (no more than after a wax), and they will look more dramatic than they will healed. They will scab up and that scab will naturally come off so it is very important not to pick. If you pick the scab off it will put out te pigment underneath it resulting in uneven color.

Why would I not be able to get Microblading?

We will ask you a series of health related questions before booking a permanent cosmetics appointment. These include questions related to pregnant or nursing women, diabetes, thyroid issues, clients on Accutane, Blood Thinners, or Fish Oils, heart issues, vacation plans and being in the sun, etc. We cannot tattoo pregnant or nursing women as a precaution. We may need doctors notes and approvals for certain circumstances and medications, but most road blocks can be worked out.

How much does Microblading cost?

Here at Laguna it is $525 for the initial procedure. A 50% deposit is due at the time of booking with the remaining balance due at the time of service. All of our touch up prices can be found broken down under the Forms tab on our website lagunabeautybar.com under permanent makeup.

Is Microblading for me?

If you have extremely oily skin Microblading may not be the best option for you. The strokes will blend out to a more powdered look instead of those crisp individual strokes during the healing process and you may not get the result you were hoping for. If you are a frequent smoker or a “sun goddess”, your pigment has a higher probability of fading faster. However, if you are tired of feeling like you have no brows or are sick of trying to fill them in every morning then Microblading is an amazing option for you!

If there are any other questions you have that were not answered above, please feel free to refer to the forms tab on our website lagunabeautybar.com to review post care instructions or give us a call at 720-355-0123

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